Your Facebook business page is no replacement for a business website. Here’s why.

Numerous studies and audits conducted in 2019 show that a staggering amount of small businesses have no website. In fact, nearly half of the millions of small businesses in the United States have no online presence beyond Facebook! How is it possible that in the year 2020, so many can be without such an integral asset to their business success?

The most common reason is that Facebook is free, has access to millions of potential customers, and is relatively easy to use. Why invest $3-$5K into a professional website (or invest hours upon hours building one yourself), when you can just set up a Facebook business page without a lot of effort?

On the face of it, the argument against the expense seems sound. However, it betrays an underlying ignorance in exactly how consumers use the internet. It also ignores the intricacies & strategies that need to be a part of every business digital marketing plan. And as a business owner, you probably suspect that if a Facebook business page is that simple, it probably isn’t delivering maximum results for you.

And you’d be right.

In the following two articles, we’re going to summarize ten reasons your business NEEDS to have a website in 2020. Here are the first five:


#1. Your Website is the FACE of your business


When you have a beautiful, responsive website, it conveys the integrity and professionalism of your brand. Furthermore, it lends instant credibility to anyone who has sought you out. This is an inescapable first impression that will either make a new customer for you, or send that customer to a competitor. Everyone has a Facebook page for their business, and they all look exactly the same. Your website is where you stand out.


#2. Your website is the INFORMATIONAL HUB of your business



A Facebook pagewill show basic information such as contact info, or hours of operation. A website can provide detailed information about the goods and services you offer, as well as pricing. That’s the kind of information people are looking for when they are looking for you. Market research has shown that 62% of people will stop looking at any business if they cannot quickly & easily find the information they are seeking. If you’re relying on Facebook to communicate your business info to customers, you’re essentially turning people away. They will simply not be able to find what they are looking for due to Facebook’s limits on information.



#3. Consumers simply don’t trust businesses without a website



This is a huge one. You may be the BEST in your business & it’s completely unjustified that people judge you for not having a website. Unfortunately, it’s simple marketing. Nearly half of all potential customers will NOT consider any business that doesn’t have a website, simply on the basis that a website is expected in 2020. People want you to show them why they should choose you. So show them!


#4. The slow, inevitable decline of Facebook


After 15 years of meteoric rise and social media domination, the Facebook cracks are beginning to show. After suffering several controversies over the last few years, and “improvements” to the platform that are leaving it’s users increasingly dissatisfied, people continue to flee in droves. What’s worse is that 44% of millennial adults (ages 18-29), don’t use the platform at all. It’s expected that Gen Z will be the death of the platform altogether. These are huge demographic numbers that you simply are not reaching on Facebook anymore. You need another way to reach them.


#5. Nobody cares about your business on Facebook


It’s a harsh truth. We love our businesses and do what we do to genuinely help people solve a problem in their lives. But people are on Facebook to connect with friends & family members, and argue politics with strangers in the comments section of news articles. They are NOT there to be advertised to, nor to search out your business. That is what people use Google for. Depending on which market research you read, somewhere between 80%-85% of ALL business queries begin with a Google search, and THAT is where you need to make it count. To make it count, you need a website. Your Facebook business page is not going to cut it.


These are the first five reasons you can consider, more to come in the future. If you want to stay up on more small business marketing tips, just email us at and let us know you want to join our mailing list. Or let us know if you want more info, including a free consultation!

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